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Tea Time by the Tea Field

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Tea Time by the Tea Field

Behind Story of  ITO EN

Ch.24 ITO EN Worldwide! EnglishJapanese
Ch.23 I am Mr Green Tea EnglishJapanese
Ch.22 Tully's Coffee's Ujigreen tea latte EnglishJapanese
Ch.21 What?! I didn't know these could be made from used green tea leaves! EnglishJapanese
Ch.20 Just blend it! Easy green tea smoothie! EnglishJapanese
Ch.19 Just mix it, green tea ice cream! How easy is that! EnglishJapanese
Ch.18 10-course green tea dinner event report! EnglishJapanese
Ch.17 Beautiful & tasty! Various types of matcha drinks! EnglishJapanese
Ch.16 Oi Ocha Green Tea Soars! EnglishJapanese
Ch.15 [Green tea course Dinner] What's on the menu, Chef Yoshida? EnglishJapanese
Ch.14 The way to make green tea is to "steam","roll"and"dry"! EnglishJapanese
Ch.13 New tea crop harvesting has begun! We're going to a tea field! EnglishJapanese
Ch.12 It's tea harvesting season in Wangaratta! EnglishJapanese
Ch.11 All you gotta do is mix it! It's great with many dishes! EnglishJapanese
Ch.10 Wait! Don't throw it out! Use tea leaves as a freshener! EnglishJapanese
Ch.9 How does Japanese green tea differ from the rest? EnglishJapanese
Ch.8 Green Tea should be sugar free, no? EnglishJapanese
Ch.7 I really want you guys to know more about GREEN TEA! EnglishJapanese
Ch.6 Do it the right way-The road to make the best brew of green tea! EnglishJapanese
Ch.5 Gargle with GREEN TEA to prevent the common cold! EnglishJapanese
Ch.4 Super Easy! Give it a mix and it's done! Matcha chocolate recipe EnglishJapanese
Ch.3 Yummy! Healthy! Beautifully Greeny! EnglishJapanese
Ch.2 May is the New Crop Season in Japan EnglishJapanese
Ch.1 The collaboration of Australia and Japan EnglishJapanese

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